Who I am
A Doctor of Journalism and Minister of the Gospel, with an extracurricular love of airplanes, race cars and other gearhead things (oh, and I'm also a nerd girl, so I love gadgetry and stuff too)

Where I live
Deep in the woods, somewhere in the Southern region of the United far away from the city as I can be, and I like it that way

Family stuff
I have a husband, and we have a Mighty Tiger, and then there's all the critters in the woods around us

What I do for a living
I teach college, and have a gig on the side as a professional speller

What I like to do in my spare time
I like to build model cars, ships, and airplanes; I tinker with old IBM typewriters; and I enjoy flying airplanes.

What, in my dreams, I'd love to do for a living
Be a bush pilot in Alaska

What, in reality, I'll probably be doing for a living if the teaching deal tanks
Probably end up with a Watkins route

Cool stuff I've done
Watched a Space Shuttle launch up close
Flown an airplane in Alaska

Cool stuff I'd love to do, but haven't (yet)
Driven a Formula One car
Piloted a P-51
Flown in space